Congresswoman Miller’s Statement on House Impeachment Rules Vote

October 31, 2019
Press Release

Washington D.C. – Congresswoman Carol Miller (R-WV) released today the following statement regarding the House of Representatives’ vote on H.Res. 660. This legislation formally lays out the rules for the House’s official impeachment inquiry into President Donald J. Trump.

“37 days ago, Speaker Pelosi declared an impeachment inquiry into our duly elected President and placed House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff in charge. Since then, Washington Liberals have focused on nothing but impeaching President Trump.

Now, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff are operating on an assumption of guilty until proven innocent and stripping President Trump of the protections granted to every American citizen. These Soviet-style tactics deny justice and ignore the will of the American people.

The resolution brought to the floor today fails to provide my Republican colleagues and I, as well as the Trump Administration, the same rights offered in past presidential impeachment proceedings.

Their investigation is centered around secret hearings and selective leaks designed to damage the President. This process lacks transparency and fairness.

For these reasons, I oppose this resolution.

We need to spend our time focusing on the important issues - our government is not funded, prescription drug prices are not being lowered, the opioid epidemic is still plaguing our communities, and our trade agreement with Mexico and Canada is not ratified. It is time to get to work for West Virginians and all Americans,” said Congresswoman Miller.