Staff Directory

Chief of Staff: Matthew Donnellan – Matthew.Donnellan at

Deputy Chief of Staff/Communications Director: Tom Moran – Tom.Moran at

Deputy Chief of Staff/Counsel: Michael Chirico – Michael.Chirico at

Deputy District Director: Kim McMillion – Kim.McMillion at

Director of Constituent Services: Teri Booth – Teri.Booth at

Legislative Director: Lauren Billman – Lauren.Billman at

Legislative Assistant: Jacquelyn Incerto – Jacquelyn.Incerto at

Legislative Assistant: Max Pedrotti – Max.Pedrotti at

Press Secretary: Samantha Cantrell – Samantha.Cantrell at

Scheduler/Executive Assistant: Bronti Viskovich – Bronti.Viskovich at

Grants and Outreach Liaison: Patrick Baisi – Patrick.Baisi at

Field Representative: Madison Stone – Madison.Stone at

Field Representative: Sam Lusk – Sam.Lusk at

Staff Assistant: Sierra Sabido – Sierra.Sabido at